1937 Organ Installed

This was originally compiled by the Reverend James W. Koons in 1997 and updated in 2004 and 2012.
Submitted by Donna Brooke.

Father D. Lawrence Monahan was named the third pastor of St. Patrick’s in January, 1935. Father Monahan contracted the building of the Wicks organ in the autumn of 1937.

The organ is referred to as an Opus 1716. This forty-rank pedal pipe organ is still operating on all original equipment, including relays, combination action and switching. The instrument is basically intact and has received very little maintenance other than tuning and normal upkeep.

It was first played for Christmas Midnight Mass in 1937. A glockenstern was added the summer of 1994.

Neil Thompson, parish organist and choir master, clearly gave his all for the music program at St. Patrick’s church.